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Have questions about buying, listing or selling your boat?

Yes, we will – An important part of the sales process is for us to advocate for your boat and we need to know as much about your boat as you do, so we can successfully answer questions from our buyers.

A nominal advertising fee covers listing the houseboat on our own website, Boatsonline and Gumtree. Your listing will also be in our houseboat buyers guide and office window display.

No, but as best practice we always advise purchasers to include a clause in the sale contract to be subject to an out of water inspection prior to settlement. That pre-purchase inspections is at the buyers expense.

Yes. Buyers look to properly documented certification to give them the confidence to invest in your boat.

Gas and Wastewater are essential, and where applicable Electrical (if available)


Private boats don’t have the same inspection routine that is imposed upon hire/drive vessels.

Boats to be used for hire/drive or floating accommodation must have a Commercial Certificate of Survey and be subject to an inspection routine, to be able to operate as a commercial vessel.

Yes you will have to, see below:

  • Registration papers
  • Slip Reports
  • Certificate of Survey
  • Receipts for any recent repairs
  • Maintenance and service history